Matthew Morrison and his wife, Renee, are expecting their first child together, he announced on Instagram with a video.

After multiple outlets reported the pregnancy news, the former "Glee" star released a professional video to social media that shows him and his wife throughout their marriage. They can both be heard speaking about their future family in voiceovers.


"Here I stand at the precipice of an incredible adventure," he can be heard saying, "ready to open a new region of my heart that's been dormant for all these years."

The video ends with both Matt and Renee rubbing her belly.

"Our #MorrisonAdventures have been so epic together, but they have only just begun!! We will have a new addition to the family and I'm blown away by the unconditional love that I already possess for this child," he captioned the video, posted on May 17. "I have such a clear vision of the Father that I want to be, but the perfection lies in the balance and teamwork that Renee and I have cultivated. Now, we simply wait with open arms.... "


His wife also posted the video to her Instagram account on Wednesday morning.

She wrote, " it is sometimes beyond my comprehension. How things manifest. Things that are beyond my wildest dreams. My love, @_matthew.morrison_ you have given me dreams I didn't know to dream, love greater than all the fairy tales, hope when it seemed to be slipping from my finger tips... and so so so much more baby. You leave me speechless when I usually always have the right words... you've brought me peace in times when there's fire inside of me... and now you've given me a child that I get to call my own..."

She continued, "LIFE... It just no longer makes sense without you. The capacity of love, bliss, and gratitude I feel is beyond my comprehension. There are no words... they all seem to fail me in this moment. So I sit, and smile, and type, and erase, and type again.... and all I come up with is THANK YOU... you beautiful, precious human. My husband, my partner, my best friend.. my BABY DADDY! My Sherpapa... I trust my life and the life of OUR CHILD so completely in your hands. We are so fortunate to have you as our protector and our guide. I couldn't have dreamt of a better Papa for our little one. OURS. Me & You. Forever. Mau Loa!"

Congrats Mr. Schu!