Get a room already!

Ever since Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani publicly acknowledged their romance, they have been anything but shy about flaunting it. Gwen has even started dressing like the country star. Really, it's reached Britney Spears-Kevin Federline-circa-2004-levels of in our face and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

On May 9, the couple performed his new single (featuring Gwen) "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" on "The Voice." During the duet, the two never broke eye contact as they sang lyrics like "I never ever meant to get so into you/Thought I was using you just to get me through/You know I'm broken I don't trust anyone/Last thing I needed was to fall in love."

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Naturally, they wrote the song together.

The performance was one of my many moments where they unapologetically force-fed us their romance. Below are seven more moments of the Blake-Gwen romance train. All aboard!

— Sometimes their romance is audible, rather than visual. In April, Gwen said she wrote "Make Me Like You" about Blake in less than 15 minutes. "It just came out," she told "Good Morning America." "It was like, I had been feeling that way. It's just exactly what I felt that day. 'I miss you right now. Here it is.' And everybody in the room was just kind of like, 'Whoa, this is happening right now.' It was written fast. Like, 10, 15 minutes." She later told James Corden that she "fell in love" with Blake.

— In late December, not too long after they officially acknowledged that they were a couple, Blake and Gwen were spotted on the sidelines of an Arizona Cardinals football game. There, the duo took selfie after selfie and selfie. We get it, you like each other.

— In late February, the duo made their red carpet debut together at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. Inside the couple apparently made out and sat on each other's laps.

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— In March, Gwen was a celebrity adviser to Blake's team on "The Voice." The NBC show released video from the behind the scenes of the two talking. Blake comments about Gwen's hairstyle, saying that her high ponytail reminds him of "I dream of Jeanie." She thanks him, while flirtatiously stroking her hair and gazing deep in his eyes. "You kind of have that super babe thing going on right now," she told him.

— On the day of their "Voice" performance on May 9, the couple went old school with their romance, carving their initials in a tree. They shared the snap on Instagram. The photo showed their initials "B + G" while Blake kissed Gwen on the forehead.

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— After the "Voice" performance, Gwen shared another image of them hugging it out on stage. "#goaheadandbreakmyheart Gx," she said. Earlier images show her gushing about Blake's song.

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— Hey, remember that one time when Blake bought five, yes, five copies of Gwen's new album and flaunted it on Twitter? "I may have gone overboard…" he tweeted. Maybe, just maybe.

We're all for love over here, but remember, you've got exes watching.