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They may have finalized their divorce last week, but that doesn't mean Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex husband Chris Martin aren't still best buds who vacay in the Hamptons together!

The 39-year-old arrived in Long Island's affluent beach community with his 10-year-old son Moses via private helicopter on Saturday, July 23.

The 39-year-old has been on tour with his band Coldplay but is taking a break to spend time with his two children and ex wife, who has been in Manhattan working on her lifestyle brand, Goop.

The exes, who have never done things the conventional way, finalized their divorce last week -- after both parties agreed that neither had to pay spousal support. In March 2014, the picture perfect couple made headlines when they announced they were splitting after 12 years in a statement that explained that duo were "consciously uncoupling" via Goop.

It appears as though both parties having moved on romantically, while keeping their relationship going platonically.

Chris is currently dating "Peaky Blinders" actress Annabelle Wallis. The 31-year-old actress has been keeping quiet about her low-key relationship with the rocker, but posted several snaps backstage of Coldplay shows, including the band's headlining show at Glastonbury on June 26.

Meanwhile, Gwyneth has been going strong with "American Horror Story" producer Brad Falchuk since the summer of 2014.

Gwyneth told BBC's HARDTalk last month that she's "proud" of her friendship with ex, and the two remain close because of Apple and Moses.

The often saucy star told the publication, "As anybody who has been divorced knows, you have to put a lot aside to maintain the family and the practicalities of what that might mean and sometimes that's quiet tough on a personal level."

She added, "It's a commitment I make every day to my children and their father even though we're not in a romantic relationship."

The Oscar winner also sounded off about using the phrase "conscious uncoupling" to describe their split. "It was a difficult time in our lives. We didn't know that the 'conscious uncoupling' phrase was going to inspire so much conversation," said the leggy blonde.

The "Iron Man" actress, who is often thought of out of touch with the common man, also decided to pat herself on the back further, "At the time people said, these people are crazy and it's true, but over time now I hear people saying thank you for showing there is another way."

Gwyneth also said, "You can remain a family even though you are not a couple and make it a less traumatic experience for the children. It wasn't my phrase, but I'm very proud of it."

She sure is proud of it!