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Happy and single … for now. Fresh from her split with estranged husband Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry is embracing her single life. And, she's even already dipped her toe into the dating pool.

She's dating "here and there," a source told E! News, but added that the actress "is just taking a step back from being in another serious relationship for a while."

Halle, the report said, is in a peaceful place, and she wants to keep it that way for a while.

"She hasn't gotten into another relationship since her breakup but she has been talking to a few people very lightly and going out when she has time. She enjoys being single and doing her own thing," the source said. "She's taking care of herself and her body. Living a healthy lifestyle is key for Halle. She has many positive friends and family that surround her so it's nice to have that support. So for now work and her children are what's on her mind and maybe a date here and there. She has a positive outlook on life."

For years, Halle's personal life has been tabloid fodder, especially since many of her relationships ended badly. Now, though, it seems that there is little bad blood between her and her famous exes. The source says she sees both Olivier and Gabriel Aubrey as "great dads." Still, her troubled relationship history won't stop her from trying to find love again.

"It's unfortunate that her past two relationships didn't work out but she believes one day she will be back in a relationship with the right man," the source says. "For Halle it's all about being on the same page with a man. It takes a strong man to be with Halle."

As she gets a feel for the single life, her focus continues to still be on her two children, Nahla, 7, and Maceo, 2.

"She loves being a mother and watching her daughter and son grow up. She has a very close relationship with them and that's always been her main priority," the source says. "Her daughter and son's happiness is what makes her feel full. She has always been very honest with her daughter Nahla on how things unfolded in her life."

The source continued, "She explains things to her in a way that a little girl can understand. Nahla is at the age where she asks many questions and sees what goes on in the media around her mother. Her son is too young to understand now."

Halle and Oliver ended their two-year marriage in late October, but multiple outlets reported that the duo had separated months prior. Her relationship with Gabriel ended in 2010. Following that split, the two had a bitter custody battle over Nahla.

Shortly after her current divorce filing, Halle indicated that she was at peace.

"I'm doing okay, I really am," she told Extra. "I keep pushing and I'm really happy to be here because whenever you're going through anything in life, when you step outside yourself and focus on others, that's always the best remedy for any situation that you'd rather not be dealing with."