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Derek Jeter, you lucky man! The former baseball legend's fiance Hannah Davis was spotted on the beach in Hawaii on Jan. 13 and the girl has still got it.

Hannah has been featured in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue for three years, even being on the cover in 2015, and it seems like she could be gearing up for a fourth appearance, as she took part in a shoot for the magazine amid the picturesque beach of the island state.

Looking fresh-faced, Hannah flaunted her toned abs and sculpted legs while rocking a floral bikini.

Another image showing her in a white retro one-piece swimsuit with stripes.

Hannah wasn't alone on the beach, as model Emily DiDonato was also on hand for the SI shoot.

While the newest photos show Hannah playing with her pined-up hair, they certainly don't appear to be controversial, unlike her SI cover in which some critics equated to pornography as she teasingly pulled down her bikini.

The model wasn't fazed.

"The fact is, you can't see anything. So all we're talking about is what you cannot see. That's why I think it's funny," she told Rolling Stone. "For the people that think it's too risqué, it's probably just not the right magazine for them."

In the future, Hannah's body could be changing, as her fiance has openly spoken about wanting children.

While playing for the New York Yankees, Derek put his career before family, but he still thought about the long term. "I want to have a family," he said at the time. "Time is important and there are some things I look forward to doing."

He doubled down on the family talk a year later, telling Steiner Sports Marketing, "I just know that I personally couldn't have done it while I was playing. I was too selfish to be able to juggle a family and kids. But I look forward to it happening."