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Ring-a-ding! Hannah Davis, the future Mrs. Derek Jeter, revealed her rock this week and it is beyond impressive.

Derek, sir, you hit it out of the park with this one.

The former baseball stud confirmed the engagement earlier in the week in an essay he wrote for The Player's Tribune. He and the Sports Illustrated cover girl have been together for three years.

Following his somewhat-sly public confirmation (he casually mentioned that his "fiancé" bought him a dog last year,) Hannah has now been proudly rocking the diamond sparkler, first showing it off during the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. The next day, her left hand gleamed as the strolled through New York with her mother.

Media reports estimate that the diamond ring is between four and six carats and is believed to be either a cushion-cut or classic round. Jewelers differ on what they believe her paid for the ring, but it's likely somewhere between $150,000-$300,0000.

Derek popped the question on the couple's three-year anniversary. The New York Post said he asked for her parents' permission to ask for Hannah's hand in marriage a few months ago. Her family is "very happy because they really like him," a source told the publication.

Notoriously private during his playing days, the future Hall-Of-Famer hinted that a wife and possibly were in his future in accounting his retirement.

"I want to have a family," he said at the time. "Time is important and there are some things I look forward to doing."

He doubled down on the family talk a year later, telling Steiner Sports Marketing, "I just know that I personally couldn't have done it while I was playing. I was too selfish to be able to juggle a family and kids. But I look forward to it happening."

So far, so good, Mr. Jeter, so far, so good.