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This is no trick! "Harry Potter" star Timothy Spall is disappearing more and more every day.

On Wednesday, the actor attended the 73rd annual Venice Film Festival and showed off his very noticeable weight loss and looked amazing in the process.

Timothy hasn't said exactly how much weight he's lost, but it is significant.

In Venice, the actor is promoting his newest film "The Journey." He looked thinner than ever in his form-fitting navy blue suit and white undershirt.

According to reports, Timothy began losing weight in 2014 by simply cutting back on alcohol. At the time he said he often suffered from exhaustion. He's been fairly tight-lipped about what other lifestyle changes he did to shed more weight.

"I was a glutton," he told the Daily Mail two years ago. "I loved food. I still do. But I didn't have a thing in my mind that told me when to stop eating. There's something of a chunky gene in the Spall side of the family. I was always chubby, then I got fat."

Timothy, who has well over 100 film credits, was known to play larger than life characters and he was physically large in life, but that has all changed.

The man who played Peter Pettigrew in the "Harry Potter" films has kept one thing similar and that's his rumpled hair.

Fans first started noticing his slimming look last year while promoting his "Fungus The Bogeyman" TV show.

Timothy's son, Rafe Spall, has famously dropped a good about of weight, as well. At one point he weighed 250 pounds, according to reports in the United Kingdom.

"I had the support network of a personal trainer and people telling me the right things to eat," Rafe said. "The pressure of getting my shirt off was an incentive."

Maybe dear ole dad took some tips from his son.