Oh, hello, Henry!

Henry Cavill is making just about everyone want to go to the gym after his latest Instagram post.

On Feb. 5, the swoon-worthy actor shared a photo from his workout, and you could wash clothes on that body!

"Warm up phase for Superman training started today!" he wrote. "Posting this pic to set myself a minimum goal...and force myself to actually keep going haha!"

The actor also tagged his personal trainer, Timothy Michael Blevins, in the Instagram photo caption.

Henry will be a busy boy this year. Not only is he starring in the highly anticipated "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," he's also starring in the equally as anticipated Justice League movies, which they are about to begin filming. He plays Superman in all three movies.

Although his body is beyond astounding in this snap, Henry says his fitness wasn't always at the top of his list, and it showed. His classmates would even tease him.

"They used to call me Fat Cavill," he told Men's Fitness magazine. "I actually had rolls of fat on me. One guy told me I had t—-. I was a big eater, and I still love food."

"I'm still an indulger, in alcohol, in food, in all this things I enjoy in life," he said. "I've never been able to do things in half measure. That's probably why I was a fat kid."

Those days are long gone though as he prepares to again play arguably the most beloved superhero of all time, something he first did in 2013 in "Man of Steel."

"The mass build part was the fun part," he said of preparing to be Superman at the time. "You get to eat a lot, and you're lifting heavy weights. You feel really good because you've got big numbers going on the plates. But you're always aware that you'll have to eat less and start breathing more in order to show the muscles and the striations. It creeps up on you. That's the less fun part."