When someone hikes to the top of a mountain, they expect to see beautiful sweeping views of the land below them. They expect to see relief on the faces of fellow hikers who have also conquered the hill. What they don't expect to see is Mel Gibson!

That, however, is exactly what several hikers saw on Oct. 9.

Heather Fogarty and her pals Michael O'Connor and Shane Gallagher were hiking Sugar Loaf Mountain in Ireland last weekend and they reached the summit. Once they got to the top, they noticed a heavily bearded man also there. Soon, they realized that that man has won two Academy Awards.

Naturally, they couldn't help but take a selfie.

"Climbed the Sugar Loaf today!," Heather wrote of her image that has now gone viral. "It was great fun bit of yoga thrown in and to top it all off we met Mel Gibson at the summit! #SolidSunday #Mel #gibson #ireland #sugarloaf."

Mel, donning a hat and collared shirt, smiles for the image, seeming happy to see other smiling faces at the summit. The gorgeous countryside can slightly be seen behind them.

The accomplished actor is reportedly in Ireland filming his new movie "The Professor and the Madman" with Sean Penn.

A few weeks before his mountain encounter, he turned up a Dublin steakhouse called F.X. Buckley, where he took a pic with the restaurant's sommelier, Albert.

"When Mel Gibson is in Dublin he eats at F.X Buckley. He has kidneys and a medium rare fillet," the caption said.

Where will Mel turn up next?