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The truth shall set you free! Just as June "Mama June" Shannon suspected, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson finally confirmed that he cheated on her.

In fact, he cheated on her with members of both genders, he said in an episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," which is set to air on Jan. 15.

Mama June already believed that his cheating ways weren't just limited to women.

"Don't bring this up with nobody else 'cause I don't want this out there: I have experimented with guys," he can be heard saying to Mama June in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode. He even elaborated on what dirty deeds he and another man did.

From the clip, June appeared equal parts angry and relieved. She had suspected that he had experimented with men after finding what she called "guy's private parts" on his cell phone.

Having confirmed her allegations, Sugar Bear said he learned that men were "not [his] cup of tea."

"It's just something I was curious about, experimented with it, and it's over with and done with, and that's it," he said. "[It] won't ever happen again."

On last week's episode of the reality show, Mama June spilled her guts out to former "Bachelor" stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, saying that Sugar Bear's indiscretions still weigh on her heart.

"It's not that I don't want to talk to him," she told the couple. "It's just that, you gotta kind of process, because I know that it was there. But I believe there's more than one. The text messages that I have say men and women."

She continued, "I want him to be fully honest and I don't feel it in my gut that he's fully honest."

Sean and Catherine were fairly stunned by the accusation that Sugar Bear has been playing for both teams, so to speak.

After carefully choosing his words, Sean said, "I just feel like, in there, that was supposed to be this monumental, game-changing moment. And it wasn't, because you still don't trust him."