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How does NBC vet Savannah Guthrie feel about her new co-host Megyn Kelly?

It turns out, the "Today" host feels pretty good about it despite what you may have heard.

"I do not feel like there is going to be a catfight," Savannah told PageSix at the Hollywood Reporter's 35 Most Powerful People in NY Media party. "We are psyched to have her, and I think that she is awesome, incredibly smart, funny and talented. We all support each other and we are thrilled to have her."

"She and I have a lot in common, actually," Savannah elaborated on her feelings about Megyn to The Hollywood Reporter. "We both went to law school and then ran screaming for our lives away from the law. We both came up in D.C. But yeah, we're excited to have her. I think she's going to be great. We feel lucky. We feel like it was a great get."

Rumors of intense behind-the-scenes feuding have plagued the longtime running NBC show since they offered the former Fox News correspondent a high-profile job in January.

Then in February, Tamron Hall left "Today" after NBC execs canceled the 9 AM hour to make room for a new show -- presumably for Megyn Kelly. Tamron decided to leave the network rather than stick around to make a new contract for her TV gig. Megyn, due to a noncompete clause, won't be able to start her new job — whatever it may be — until the fall of 2017.

Despite all the rumors and drama, one thing is for sure: We will definitely be interested to see how this transition goes for NBC once Megyn joins the fold.