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He's a Hugh-ge cryer! Hugh Grant seems to always be chipper and have it together. That wasn't the case in 2007 when he said he "went mad" and just wouldn't stop crying.

In speaking to James Corden on the "Late Late Show," the affable actor recalled the first time the two had met in which Hugh apparently divulged everything about himself. On Thursday, James asked him candidly if he goes to therapy.

"I went briefly only once. I went mad in 2007," the "Notting Hill" star said. "I got massaged into madness. I went on a holiday in the Maldives and I was extremely bored, so I thought, 'I'll have another massage.' I was having about 30 massages a day."

He continued, "At the end of the holiday, I felt a little strange, but I was all right. I got on the plane to go home, opened the newspaper, reading the [soccer] results, and I burst into tears. And I couldn't stop crying for three weeks. It was completely absurd."

It wasn't just the soccer results that got him emotional. It was everything.

"I'd go to a cafe and they'd say, 'Do you want skim milk or regular?' and I'd burst into tears," he said. "So I went to see shrinks then."

He even saw a hypnotist, but that didn't work, even though he told the hypnotist that it did. "I'm English and polite," he said.

Eventually, through time, he got a hold of his emotions. Now his main concern is his children.

"How many kids do you have?" fellow guest Bryce Dallas Howard asked him.

"Well, four at the last count, but I can't stop," he said. "If you feel anything coming off me, let me know."

In December, Hugh and his girlfriend Anna Aberstein welcomed his fourth child.

It's the second child that Hugh and Anna have together, as she gave birth to 3-year-old John in September 2012. John was actually Hugh's third child in 15 months.

All of his children are 4 years old or under.