Hugh Jackman is worrying fans after he shared a photo of himself in which he looks, well, different.

Much of the Internet seems to be confused and aghast over his appearance and no one seems to agree on why he looks the way he does, although the answer is becoming increasingly clear.

It's very likely all for a movie.

Still, some weren't willing to accept that notion, believing Hugh may be having health issues, considering he's battled skin cancer in the past several times. But, others think he looks considerably older because he's wearing make-up for the next "Wolverine" film.

The unknown all stems from a picture the actor posted on both Facebook and Instagram. The image shows him giving a thumbs up, while listening to his headphones and standing over a platter of cooked whole fish.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!," he captioned the photo which shows him with deep bags under his eyes and a trimmed beard.

Other photos posted recently to his social media pages don't show the do-it-all actor looking nearly as aged.

First catch of the day! #dinner

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Many savvy comic book fans said that he's playing an older "Wolverine" in the next installment of the film, so this is nothing more than heavy stage makeup.

"Guys he's not actually sick," one person said. "He's playing an old man wolverine for the new movie."

In fact, some people congratulated Hugh for his appearance, saying it was spot on for his character. Last year, Hugh, 47, said the character would be based off the "Old Man Logan" comic book storyline.

Some people offered him "get well soon" wishes and asked him if he was ok. Others, though, were downright mean about the photo.

"What happened to your face man?" one person said on Instagram. Another said, "Wow. I guess this is the real you. Trying to look older than the wife?"

Another of his 7.4 million followers said looked like he was 65 years old, perhaps not realizing that he was actually paying a compliment to Hugh's makeup team.

Hugh has not commented on the picture, nor the uproar that it has caused.