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So, maybe Iggy Azalea is going to be walking down the aisle after all.

The "Fancy" rapper has been surrounded by speculation that she may call off her wedding to fiance Nick Young after the NBA star was secretly caught on camera admitting to cheating on Iggy.

He has reportedly been desperately trying to save the relationship, and it appears as though perhaps it worked.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3, Iggy rocked her $500,000 engagement ring and was asked about her BFF Demi Lovato's romance with Wilmer Valderrama, whom she's dated since 2011.

"Well, they're like pretty much a married couple, so I don't know what's taking them so long," she told Extra. "I really want to be her bridesmaid. I want us to, like, have a whole wedding thing together."

A whole "wedding thing together" you say? That subtle quote could certainly suggest that Iggy is willing to forgive her man for his apparent infidelity.

Last week, Iggy told someone on Twitter that "nothing" was going on with Nick and that she didn't want to "marry a cheater."

The Los Angeles Lakers player, meanwhile, retweeted a TMZ story on April 4, that read: "Gilbert Arenas — Nick & Iggy Are Still Getting' Hitched ... And I'm Going to the Bachelor Party!!" Nick, though, quickly deleted the retweet.

Iggy has certainly been putting her best foot forward, despite the scandal.

At the awards show she told E! News that her motto of dealing with a "turbulent 2016" is to "worry about your own thing" and not get hung up on social media.

Before that interview, she took to Twitter to express her dismay about people's meanness to others on social media.

"I really feel the environment online is actually whats sick/needs fixing here, not the people logging off and feeling depressed by it," she wrote, continuing, "I really urge everyone to try and speak to others online with the same level of courtesy you'd give someone standing right in front of you."