Thirsty, anyone?

You may just need to take a sip of water, Icelandic Glacial water that is, after watching Instagram star and model Brock O'Hurn cool off in Icelandic Glacial's new commercial.

If this commercial seems familiar, it's because it's a new spin on one from Diet Coke in 1994. Model Lucky Vanous starred as a construction worker in that one and had working women run to their office windows every morning at 11:30 a.m. to watch him take off his shirt and drink a Diet Coke.

Twelve years later, the break starts at 10:30 a.m., because that's when Brock is done surfing and hydrates with his Icelandic Glacial water. Brock is "hot as ice" so the women rush to their office window to see a glimpse of him taking down his signature man bun that was in part, the reason he went viral. Never has his hair looked so good as his long hair flows in the breeze in slow motion on the beach, and then we see his amazing abs in all their glory when he takes off his wetsuit. One woman even puts on her glasses to get a better view!

But the best views have actually come from Brock himself.

Brock is no stranger to sharing shirtless selfies on his Instagram with his over 1.7 million followers.

"Beard and Bun gang 😎 Happy Hump Day!" Brock shared a photo of his bun, beard and shirtless body and received over 68,000 likes on this snap alone.

And then there are photos where we get a clear shot of his beautiful locks.

"Just stopping by to say I hope you're having a great day!😊," he captioned this close-up of his face.

Brock wishes his followers a great day with a lot of his selfies, but he doesn't even need to because he already made the day great just by showing off his good looks!