Internet star Jenna Marbles is about to rub shoulders with Katy Perry, President Obama, Prince William and Duchess Kate -- sort of!

The social media sensation is about to be immortalized in wax at New York's Madame Tussauds.

Jenna, for the uninformed, is a major internet star who has 3.3 million followers on Instagram (for perspective, that's almost as many as Adam Levine.) And, on her comedic YouTube channel, she has over 15 million subscribers and has 1.8 billion views (billion, with a 'b"!) She also does countdown on Sirius radio.

Basically, in the social media world, she's a very big deal.

Jenna will be the first Internet star to be given a wax figure at the iconic New York location. Jenna'a figure, which is slated to be unveiled later this fall, will rather fittingly have her holding a phone in selfie-ready position.

"I'm so beyond honored and excited that @nycwax is making me into a wax figure!!" she wrote on Instagram, while posting a video of her getting fitted for her figure. "In October at their Times Square location you can come take selfies with wax me and grope da butt all you want. The grope zoo will officially be open jk but seriously this is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened I'm just so completely floored by this and thank you so much @nycwax."

In fairness, other YouTube sensations will also have their day -- hopefully not in the sun -- but their wax figures will not be housed at the Tussauds' Times Square location.