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The Internet is finding nothing magical about the casting of NBC's live production of "The Wiz," with many claiming that it is racist.

The show has an all-black cast… which was done on purpose.

"Why are there no whites starring in #TheWiz? this is racist!" one commenter said on Twitter. "Can u imagine if it were the other way? #whitelivesmatter #TheWizLive."

Another said, "Minorities act like they're the victims, but can you imagine if we made an all-white version of The Wiz?"

The casting, though, shouldn't have come as a surprise to these social media mouths, as the show was originally written in 1975 for an all-black cast. The story, a loose adaption of "The Wizard of Oz," which had an all-white cast, was written by composer Charlie Smalls to retell the classic story in the context of African-American culture. The show won seven Tony Awards in 1975, including Best Musical.

Three years after its Tony haul, "The Wiz" was turned into a movie with an all-black cast, including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor. In other words, the all-black casting for the modern day show stayed true to the originals.

The Wiz was a major score for NBC, with early figures indicating 11.1m tuned in.

It surpassed last year's "Peter Pan Live" -- which drew 9.21m viewers, but didn't quite reach the heights of 2013's "Sound Of Music Live" which was watched by 18.62m viewers.