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Could Kris Jenner be the next of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to head down the aisle?

A new report claims that Kris wants to marry her boyfriend Corey Gamble during a sunset ceremony in Malbu, Calif. (Coincidentally, that's where Caitlyn Jenner lives.)

The publication points out the Kris and Corey have both been wearing rings on their ring fingers, although they aren't married … yet.

"Kris is testing the waters to see if the public is interested in seeing her tie the knot before she puts her wedding plans in place," a source told Star magazine, adding that all the plans for a wedding are in place, including a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

E!, the magazine says, would film the wedding.

It seems that Kris' famous daughters have all given Corey their approval.

"It's been so much fun just to see my mom happy," Kim Kardashian told People magazine recently. "My mom has had such a hard year and I think it's been refreshing to see her have a good time."

Kris, of course, filed for divorce from then-Bruce Jenner in September 2014 (Bruce has since transitioned into Caitlyn.)

The duo's age gap doesn't seem to be a concern for the Kardashian-Jenner girls, either (She's 60, he's 35.)

Last week, Kourtney posted an image of Corey lounging with her children Mason and Penelope on his birthday. "Happy Birthday @coreygamble ! A grandpa never looked so good," she wrote.

That same day, Kris, herself used the "L word" about. In a photo of the two of them posted to Instagram, she wrote, "Happy Birthday to this amazing man @coreygamble ! I love you baby I hope you have a magical year!!!!!"