The Internet may be jumping the gun a little bit on this one ... Rumors fired up instantly about a possible romance between Khloe Kardashian and New York Giants football pro Odell Beckham Jr., after they were spotted flirting at Drake's Memorial Day party on May 30, 2016. Nothing has been remotely confirmed about their relationship, and already there's worry that she could be a bad luck charm for the wide receiver.

Let's get this straight, first: KoKo has dated quite a number of sports professionals in the past, and to be honest, none of them are doing so well career-wise. Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden didn't have a fab season, former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom just came out of drug-overdose incident, former Minnesota Timberwolves basketballer Rashad McCants is a free agent these days, and Derrick Ward has left the NFL altogether.

There's also her sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner, who've had a bit of track record with men in the sports world, as well. Hence, the so-called "Kardashian Curse" ...

So maybe a little worry is in the order here, but that doesn't mean we don't love Khloe, nonetheless. And, who actually knows how connected any of these dudes' stats really are to her lovin'?

This isn't even the first time we've seen a celebrity get brutally blamed for ruining any type of professional athlete's game. Here's 7 other non-Kardashian stars who got pinned for being a curse:

1. Jessica Simpson: The "Irresistible" singer maybe got the worst of the blame when she was dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo back in 2007. They basically got on her for every single fumble he made while she was in the stands, and to be fair, he was definitely not on his best game at all when she was around. Tony had one of the worst games of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, while he was wrapped up mid-romance.


2. Rihanna: Before RiRi started to get hot and heavy with baseball pro Matt Kemp in 2010, he was doing much better during the MLB season. But then he hit a major slump, which fans were quick to call all her fault. He was even taken out of the Dodger's starting lineup at one point. Ouch!

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3. Ciara: In 2015, when her now-fiance Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahwaks football team got off to a very bad start (0-2), fans were quick to put all of the blame on Ciara. One in particular, even started a GoFundMe page to raise money to convince the singer to dump her QB. How ridiculous is that? She got off the hook when their season picked up again, and never even gave the accusations any thought. "It's happened to people in our world, it's not a new thing when people say things -- it comes with the territory. I choose to focus on the positive and focus on the cool things that are truly happening. That's how I live my life, and I have to say life is good," she said via Rolling Stone. "Clearly those things don't make any sense."


4. Drake: Many a finger has been pointed at the "One Dance" rapper for being bad luck in general at sporting events, but nothing compared to when he was accused of ruining his rumored-fling Serena Williams' tennis game. In 2015, the usual champ lost the U.S. Open semifinal while he watched on. Thanks, Drake.


5. Kendra Wilkinson Baskett: Her hubby Hank Baskett's career with the NFL took a turn for the non-existent after he said his vows with the former Playboy in 2009. He lost his spot with Philadelphia Eagles, for a deal with the Indianapolis Colts, and it all went downhill from there. By 2011, after a ton of back and forth, he was donezo.

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All we have to say is --- hold onto your hats (or footballs), New York.