Chloe Grace Moretz may have recently confirmed her romance with Brooklyn Beckham, but for those that have been keeping up with their Instagram accounts the news comes as no surprise.

Facebook official? Who cares! Nowadays the true mark of a relationship is sharing photos of your special someone on Instagram.

Even though Chloe, 19, finally admitted that she and 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham were an official item on "Watch What Happens Live" on May 9, it was old news already. Brooklyn basically confirmed the relationship news with this artsy black and white Instagram photo in April.

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Confessing to Andy Cohen on the late night talk show, Chloe downplayed their relationship, saying, "We're in a relationship, it's fine, it's no biggie."

No biggie at all. In fact, Chloe herself already digitally confirmed this by posting her own captionless Instagram photo on April 6, a black and white photo of herself and Brooklyn looking quite cozy in a car.

For Brooklyn's part, the son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham had also shared that same picture back in April ... with a red heart emoji as a caption. Which is the modern day equivalent of asking someone to go steady.


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Considering these two have known each other for quite a while -- and faced their fair share of relationship rumors -- it was time for things to get that serious. Chloe and Brooklyn met way back in 2014, in a SoulCycle class. They dodged speculation that they were an item off and on for the last two years, but the "Neighbors 2" actress previously shot down all claims that they were dating.

Chloe offered up an explanation of the reason these two have been documenting their cute, #relationshipgoals defining moments on social media. It's basically an attempt to make us not care about their adorable couple status.

"I think the more I don't make it mysterious the more people don't care, so yes, we're in a relationship. Very exciting news I'm sure," Chloe explained, shedding light on the young couple's attitude on dating in the public eye.

Unfortunately for Chloe, we're pretty sure absolutely nothing could make us not care about this genetically gifted and gorgeous duo. I mean, this adorable snap of Chloe sitting on the floor surrounded by food is only made cuter with Brooklyn's aw-inducing caption, "Late night take out with bae ❤️".

Late night take out with bae ❤️

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So even if Brooklyn continues to offer us up only colorless square sized photographs on Instagram, and Chloe just continues to post pictures we've already seen in Brooklyn's Instagram feed, we're still going to double tap each and every time we get any updates on their pretty lives together.