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When it comes to "Blindspot" star Jaimie Alexander, fiction and reality can be quite similar in a lot of ways. No, she wasn't found naked in a duffle bag in Times Square like her character, but she is every bit the badass in real life as she is on the NBC show.

The 32-year-old rides a motorcycle, knows a thing a thing or two about fighting and prefers a rock n' roll T-shirts over a couture dress any day of the week, although, she'll tell you, "I can definitely rock a dress."

The actress sat down with emmy Magazine this month to chat about her take-no-prisoners character and her crazy shooting schedule that often sees her filming for 18 hours a day. In fact on days in which her character, Jane Doe, is to be filmed covered in tattoos, she begins her day at 2:45 am.

Due partially to her character, she's doing things that many would deem a bit nutty. She eats every two hours. On this particular day she was inhaling super greens soup with quinoa.

"It looks terrible, but it's absolutely good," she says. "I'm very picky with my food."

When she's not eating or acting, she's usually working out in some capacity. She spends her downtime cranking out pushups and crunches to keep in shape, a staple of her character.

And while she's been lauded for her acting, some of what she's done for the hit show isn't fake, like the time she got waterboarded, a highly controversial tactic that many feel is torture.

That, she said, happened for real -- "Don't care to experience that again," she added.

During her choreographed fight sequences, "It was like a sixteen-, seventeen-hour day where it was just all fighting and torturing," she says.

She knows about fighting, though. This is a woman who started a women's high school wrestling team, despite her principal calling it "barbaric."

"I went and started it anyway. We ended up winning a lot of tournaments, and it was a really good way to keep a lot of young women out of trouble and teach them a little bit of self-defense and discipline," she said.

See, both Jaimie and "Jane" are not be messed with. In fact, Jaimie's character is rubbing off on her, especially in the body art department.

Jaimie has nine tattoos of her own that are covered up or incorporated into her character, but she's not mulling adding more.

"I'd probably get this bird on my neck. I just I like the placement and the way it frames my jawline," she said, looking at a faux tat, saying that she won't get more ink until the series is eventually over, hopefully years from now. "Obviously, I can live vicariously through Jane and wear her tattoos until then."

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