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Just hours after news was reported that Janet Jackson was pregnant with her first, a child she will deliver at 50 years old, the singer winked at the rumors on her Twitter page by releasing her latest music video, "Dammn Baby."

The music legend has yet to publicly confirm that she is eating for two, but she didn't den the rumors either, which is sort of a confirmation in and of itself.

And while it will be the first child for Janet, she was always cut out to be a mother. Here are six reasons why we think that Janet Jackson will make an awesome mother.

— She's nurturing. When her brother Michael Jackson tragically died in 2009, she stepped up to the plate to help with his three children. Remember when a then 10-year-old Paris Jackson took the microphone at her dad's funeral to praise him? The first person to comfort a devastated Paris was Janet. Video also showed Prince Jackson physically leaning on Janet during the proceedings, too. Since then, multiple reports indicate that Janet checks up on Michael's kids regularly. Really, Janet is all about the family. Last year she shut down her tour to be with her ailing father.

— She can help a child through growing pains. Janet's child will be welcomed into the world and will be thrust into the public eye by virtue of her famous mother. Janet, too, knew what that was like, having grown up in an extremely public family. As youngster, Janet dealt with self-esteem issues and weight struggles. She overcame it and can help her child with it, too. "I want to share with you stories from my own struggles," she said on The Today Show in 2011 while promoting her body-positive book, True You. "I'm an optimist. I know we can change. Problems, even the most severe ones, can be solved. We can be happy with who we are."

— She's overcome public scrutiny. How can anyone forget the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance? All was going well till the very end when Justin Timberlake ripped off part of Janet's bodice and exposed her bare breast, which was accessorized with a metallic piece of sun-shaped jewelry. Debate raged as to whether it was an accident or intentional. The FCC tried to fine Janet, Justin, MTV, CBS and Pepsi, but many of those fines were thrown out. Justin's people called it a "wardrobe malfunction" and the term became a part of pop culture. In time, Janet got through that with flying colors. She can also point to that moment and tell her child that when it comes to drama "this, too, shall pass."

— She's got good genes to pass on! This one is obvious. Janet is beautiful in the looks department and comes from one heck of a talented family. It would be almost unfair not to procreate and pass that down for further generations to enjoy.

— Financially, she's set. Janet's child likely won't have to deal with money problems. Janet is estimated to be worth about $175 million. That's peanuts compared to her husband, Wissam Al Mana, who is said to be a billionaire. In the word's of Janet's new track, "Dammn Baby."

— Momma's got style. Imagine for a moment having Janet Jackson giving you style tips. The woman is a fashion icon. Yeah, one lucky soul is about to have a personal stylist everyday for the rest of their lives. Some kids have all the luck.