Oh my Gawd, she looks and sounds so different!

Maggie Wheeler is not a household name, by any means. But, her famous character Janice on "Friends" is someone everyone knows.

The actress, though, sounds and looks so much different than her beloved annoying character. Maggie appeared on London's "This Morning" on Aug. 22 and fans took to Twitter to freak out about the character they can't get enough of and the woman they hardly know.

"Her voice is sooooo much different than Janice's voice, oh my life!!!," one person said. Another wrote, "Janice from Friends is on This Morning and a part of me has died inside [realizing] she doesn't actually talk like Janice from Friends."

"So weird seeing her as her normal self," another wrote.

"Janice," of course, famously dated Matthew Perry's character Chandler Bing (and she also hooked up with Ross Geller, who was played by David Schwimmer). Fans knew her for being hilariously annoying but yet still likable. Her catchphrase of "Oh my God" has lived in TV infamy, as has her famous laugh, something she came up with before filming a scene.

"I knew Matthew Perry was going to make me laugh on set, so I had to be prepared. I came up with the laugh as a sort of safety measure," she said.

She told the morning show that her "Friends" gig as Janice wasn't supposed to carry on season after season, but fans clamored for more of her.

"It was supposed to be a one shot thing, but I think I was in 22 or 23 episodes over 10 years. It was a joyous experience," she said. "I still get recognized and I do mimic Janice if people ask me."

During the interview, the host couldn't help but ask her to quote her famous saying and she obliged.

Asked if she ever gets tired of the catchphrase, she laughed and said, "never."