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Looks like a fresh new start for Jason Lee!

Jason Lee has quietly left Scientology after relocating to Texas.

In an interview with The Dentonite, Jason Lee opened up about about his family's move to Texas and if they had any plans to buy commercial property.

"Being that we don't practice Scientology," Jason said. "And that we aren't particularly interested in opening religious centers in general, we have no plans to open a Scientology center. Quite a few rumors about me ... us floating around but none of it's true."

Jason Lee leaving Scientology is a big deal. His actor and friend Giovanni Ribisi brought him into Scientology back when Jason Lee started out in Hollywood.

In 2008, Jason Lee married Ceren Alkaç, who does not practice Scientology. The couple have two children -- a daughter, Casper, and a son, Sonny -- who are believed to have been baptized in an Episcopal church.

Then in 2015, according to Tony Ortega, Jason Lee quietly moved his family from Hollywood to a ranch in Denton, Texas, to create a new life far away from Scientology and Hollywood.

Jason Lee's decision has him joining other celebrities including Leah Remini, Lisa Marie Presley, Paul Haggis, and Jason Beghe, who have all quit the controversial religion.

Only time will tell if Jason Lee opens up about his decision to quit Scientology much like Leah Remini has since she parted ways with the religion back in 2013.