Jason Momoa is taking his role of Aquaman very seriously. He will be playing the role both in part of the highly anticipated superhero flick "Justice League: Part 1," due out in 2017, and in the "Aquaman" film set to be released in 2018. Jason has been hard at work preparing to take on his character in the comic book series, and proving it on social media.

The actor has taken to Instagram to post some videos of his workouts, and they are pretty impressive. On April 12, Jason captioned a photo of himself shirtless and working out his left arm on a machine, "Coach @wfmft getting ready for the castle. Watchtower."

Coach @wfmft getting ready for the castle. Watchtower.

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On April 7, he posted another video to his Instagram account. In this one, he's wearing a weighted belt and doing some pretty insane pull ups. He captioned that snap, ""88 that's my number #lindros @madawwe #beastmode cheehhhoooooo."

88 that's my number #lindros @madawwe #beastmode cheehhhoooooo.

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That same day he posted another video of himself doing a weighted exercise, with a cautionary tale. "Don't try this at home. It looks fun it's NOT." Jason captioned the move, which involved some pretty major dumbbells. We'll take his word on that one!

Don't try this at home. It looks fun it's NOT.

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Jason is no stranger to playing a muscled, bulked up character. On "Game of Thrones," Jason played warrior Khal Drogo from 2011-2012, and first made his appearance as Aquaman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" in March 2016.

This also isn't the first time he's been open about sharing his life on Instagram. Aside from posting the amazing workout videos, he also keeps fans posted on things going on in his personal life. He recently revealed in an Instagram post on April 8 that he shares a tattoo with stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz. In the caption of a photo where he showed off the tattoo, Jason explained that the two share the phrase "etre toujours ivre," which roughly translates to "be always drunk" on their right forearms. Jason married Zoe's mother, Lisa Bonet, in November 2007, after they met in 2005. The couple have two children together, daughter Lola Momoa, born in July 2007, and son Nakoa-Wolf Momoa, who was born in December 2008.