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It wasn't too long ago that Jennifer Aniston thought her derrière was a bit of an eyesore. She was even teased for having a "bubble butt."

Fast forward a few years and it seems the world is going loony for the booty.

"Now people are paying money to get things injected. Like we're sitting here dying over squats and I'm like, 'Wait, what's the trend?!'" she said. "I think [I've accepted] just my body in general. I used to be such a little round thing, now I'm just like my body is my body so I've embraced things overall."

On Wednesday, Jen was named the World's Most Beautiful Woman of 2016 by People magazine, based on her charming personality, timeless good looks and body of work. Oh and her body, in general.

The actress is known to take care of herself through workouts and her diet. Justin Theroux's wife told the magazine that she lives a balanced life but doesn't shy away from gluttony every now and again. It's actually rather refreshing.

Here are five reasons why she's the most down-to-earth "Beautiful Woman" in the world.

1. She knows that beauty isn't just a vanity thing. "Beauty has changed of me over the years. It's really learning to love every single thing about yourself and also sort of realizing that it's not just clothes and what's happening here (motioning to her face,) but there's so much more that's beautiful in a human being." Jen isn't letting the title go to her head, saying she's "flattered." She's also thinks mental beauty is important. Her definition of beauty: "Inner confidence. Peace. Kindness. Honesty. A life well-lived."

2. She indulges on foods like chips and guacamole and her husband's pasta carbonara. So, she doesn't starve herself, only eating in moderation. Her diet, like most of us, is a work in progress. "My diet was terrible. Milk shakes and French fries with gravy," she said laughing. "It was a good thing to start paying attention."

"I'm not as strict as I was," she continued. "It was always sort of a monitored watch. Then I thought just give yourself moderation."

3. She likes to sweat it out. "I feel really beautiful when I finish a great workout," she said. "Because I've taken care of my body, my endorphins are going, my blood is pumping… I'm taking care of the one body I have." In other words, Jen feels great when she's a sweaty and messy. Who knew these women existed!? (It also doesn't hurt that she has an at-home spa.)

4. She's sentimental. Jen said the "most beautiful" thing that anyone has ever said to her came from a woman who had undergone three years of cancer treatments. She got through it by watching Friends. "It made her laugh," Jen said.

5. She gushes about her man, Justin, saying they "always" work out together and he is "just the sweetest and the nicest human." She continues, "He's a really kind guy, which is huge. He's the easiest person. I have great conversations with him. He makes me laugh — he's so interesting and so interested."

Jen, you win… in everything.