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What could possibly make a spa experience even more relaxing? Jennifer Aniston seems to have figured that out for us!

While most spa-goers have to take some type of transportation to arrive for their treatments, Jennifer created the ultimate in spa luxury -- by building one in her home!

The "Mother's Day" star now need not worry about making appointments or beating traffic to make it on time, as she had her own spa amenities installed in the Bel Air home she shares with husband Justin Theroux.

Jennifer has added "mood lighting, a jacuzzi and a sauna" to one of the bathrooms in her house, a source shared with Us Weekly. The same source claims that she is "obsessed" with the additions, and that now most beauty services can be done without the star leaving the comfort of her home.

It's likely her trusted hairstylist Chris McMillan makes house calls to take advantage of this amazing new bathroom at her home. Another source shared with the magazine, "She has a hair-washing station and will get her hair done there." The source also added, "She'll also get massages in her spa, too." Not having to leave the house for a hair appointment or a massage? Sounds pretty nice!

Life on the A-list has afforded Jennifer these pretty amazing luxuries, as the source added, "She prefers when people come to her."

Lucky for Jennifer, this isn't the first time she's had the luxury of an at-home spa. Though it's a newer addition her current $21 million home in Bel Air, Us Weekly explains that she also had a similar setup in the home she shared in Beverly Hills with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Fans of the former "Friends" star won't be surprised by this impressive home feature, as Jennifer has never been shy about her love for the spa. The actress has previously spoken openly about her love of the relaxing appointments, "I like massages and spa treatments. They help if I can't get on a plane and go on vacation."

Great point, Jen! Now everyday at home can feel like a mini vacation!