Don't tell Jenny McCarthy that blondes have more fun.

The fair-haired talk show host has long been a flag-carrying member of the blond gang. But, she has made a drastic change in her life.

Donnie Wahlberg's wife took to Instagram on May 11 to show off her new dark locks. She looks different than we've really ever seen her.

"Thank you @juliusmichaelsalon and @want_hair for the gorgeous new hair!," she said of the image showing off her darker hue. "Loving the rich chocolate with blonde highlights from @kenraprofessional @brazilianbondbuilder 💗 #juliusmichael"

Julius Michael, her hairstylist, also raved about the new look.

"I love the new look I gave to @jennymccarthy and yes Jenny you can rock being a #brunette for awhile and thanks to @kenraprofessional and @brazilianbondbuilder you still have hair on your head....actually that's also thanks to @want_hair for the #gorgeous #hair #extensions"

He continued, "I loved creating this look on you and I love that you allow me #juliusmichael to be my creative self. You trust my crazy #haircolor ideas and you rock each of them. I love you as a #chocolate #brown #kenracolor #b3 #wanthair #sexy #hair #hairporn #newhaircolor #brunette #blonde #color #colorcorrection #highlights."

A week ago, Julius hinted that something drastic was in the works with his famous client, telling his nearly 21,000 followers to say "#hello to a new #jennymccarthy soon!"

The brunette 'do is certainly new, but if you'll recall, Jenny has also gone pink before.

Last summer, Jenny said she woke up feeling like she wanted to totally change up her hair.

"I'm very much about the present moment," she told the "Today" show of her mentality towards her hair flip. "This is something I've wanted to do forever and I've been told by networks and bosses, 'Don't do it.'" She said she wanted to go through with a radical hair change before she ages, or, as she puts it, "before I get 80."

"Like Barbara Walters isn't going to dye her hair this color," she joked. "I figure I'm still at that age where I can get away with it ... for maybe a month."