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Baby on board! Former "Bachelorette" star Jillian Harris is pregnant.

The star of season five of the ABC show announced the news on her blog on March 4.

It's the first child for her and her boyfriend Justin Pasutto.

"I have dreamed for years of being a mama … thought about how I would tell people … how I would feel … what kind of mom I would be …" she wrote. "And here we are … Justin and I couldn't be MORE STOKED to grow our little family!!"

Justin, a professional snowboarder, also announced the news on his Instagram page, saying "So everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting and frankly I'm tired of everyone telling me to lock it up... I mean if you know Jill she will loose the ring.

"So I came up with the best invention ever for the love of my life. A little baby miracle in her tummy," he captioned the black and white photo of Jillian with a baby bump. "Words can't express how lucky and blessed we feel to introduce a new life into ours and that our wish has finally come true."

The couple's dog, Nacho, he joked, "isn't quite sure what that means for him but he's excited too."

Jillian said that she knew she wanted to have children with Justin from the moment she met him.

"I was 32 when we met, and Justin was a fresh ripe 24 (BTW I SWEAR he told me he was 27, which I rounded up to 28… so in my mind we were basically the same age HAHA)," she shared.

"Our age difference was never really an issue for us, our love was always strong and very real and that's all that mattered. But truth be told, I could have gotten knocked up with his baby on that second date and I probably would have been over the moon… haha… ok MAYBE too soon, but I WAS smitten."

She continued, "Nevertheless, the topic of babies was always front and center in our lives, and I waited patiently for Justin to 'catch up' in age to me."

Jillian said the two lovebirds made a pact.

"We both decided that the year I turned 36 would be prime time … so, in late 2015, right before my 36 birthday, we 'practiced for baby,'" she wrote. "And got lucky, we found out 12 days BEFORE my 36th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!"

Jillian was one of the more well-liked contestants on the popular ABC show. In 2009, she finished third while competing for Jason Mesnick's heart on "The Bachelor." Because she was so loved, the producers declared her "The Bachelorette" for the following season.

She chose contestant Ed Swiderski as the winner and the two became engaged by the series' end in 2009. The pair pulled the plug on their romance in July 2010 after news of Ed's infidelity broke.