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Say it ain't so, Joe! Joe Manganiello has dropped out of the History Channel's upcoming drama "Six."

The New York Post is reporting that the "Magic Mike XXL" heartthrob cited a "health issue" for bowing out of his role as Rip Taggart in the series that dramatizes the takedown of a Taliban leader.

Joe was to star as a member of the famed Navy SEAL Team Six, the somewhat secretive unit that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 and helped rescue kidnapped boat captain Captain Richard Phillips, whose story was later portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie "Captain Phillips."

According to the newspaper's Page Six gossip section, Joe indicated that he couldn't handle the show's physical demands.

The newspaper's source said Joe's decision to walk away came two weeks (and two episodes) into filming. The series will be eight episodes in total.

Production on the series has been halted now while a replacement for Joe is found. The episodes he previously shot will be reshot with the new actor.

For Sofia Vergara's husband to cite physical demands is a bit strange. The man is a workout warrior, as evidenced by the many, many shirtless scenes in "Magic Mike."

Of his fitness routine, he said in 2013, "It was very fast-paced, no rest between sets, getting the heart rate up."

Now that he's off the project, perhaps he and his wife can focus on having children. In February, Sofia said she would love to be a mom again (she has a grown son from a previous relationship,) but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.

"I cannot just expect anything natural any more," the "Modern Family" star told Harper's Bazaar Arabia.

"We'll see what happens. It's not something that doesn't let us sleep. But it's not something I am completely opposed to. … I don't think you can think about it seriously when you're already 43-years-old. It is what it is," she admits.

"I think the energy levels you have when you're in your 20s cannot be compared to the energy you have at 40," she continued. "So of course it's going to be different, but it's possible."