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A life without cheese is no life at all.

Perhaps that's why John Legend opted to think big and cheesy when it came to holiday shopping for his pregnant wife, Chrissy Teigen.

"John got me my lifetime dream for Christmas," the 30-year-old ports Illustrated cover model wrote on Instagram Dec. 19. "A cheese wheel to dump pasta and risotto in for years to come! My tableside serving game is bout to be liiiiiit! Heading out to relax with the fam now woohoo!"

An avowed foodie, Chrissy's been cooking for John -- and Instagramming the results -- on a regular basis for years. But once she started working on her cookbook,"Cravings: Recipes for What You Want to Eat," John actually started worrying her culinary skills were packing pounds on him.

"I'm getting fat!" he told Wonderwall in the spring. "When I'm away from her, I starve myself trying to counteract all the food she makes me eat."

First world problems, dude.