Wow, Jordan Doww!

The 20-year-old Viner, YouTuber and overall social media influencer is heading to Broadway to debut his "HollyWEIRD" show at Carolines in New York on May 21, 2016.

We couldn't let him take the stage without asking him some questions, though! Before the debut of his show, peppered Jordan with some questions to give us an insight into his life. Read on as Jordan dishes on how he got into sketch comedy, who we should be watching in the comedy world and his dream job.

WW: You're debuting "HollyWEIRD" on Broadway! For those who are not familiar, how would you describe what "HollyWEIRD" is?

JD: HollyWEIRD is essentially my take on how crazy Hollywood is. It takes you on a comedic journey from audition to audition, being stuck in traffic, coffee runs, and most importantly, finding who you are in such a big, competitive city.  It includes song, dance, and tons of guest interaction. It's truly a great time!

WW: How did you come up with this show?

JD: All I needed was three bad auditions as a Hollywood newbie (last year) to write an entire hour long show! HAHA.

WW: When did you first get into sketch comedy?

JD: I fell in LOVE with the stage at a fairly young age but when improv and sketch were introduced to me at age 15, I knew exactly what I was destined to do. It's just such a creative art form of telling stories. The idea that there really is no script involved is just brilliant and really gets you thinking on your toes. My love for sketch, however, comes solely from the fact that "SNL" is my dream job…literally.

Jordan Doww / Photo Credit: Luke Fontana, / lukefontana / .

WW: Who is your favorite comedian right now?

JD: I love this question. My favorites right now are Amy Schumer and Kristen Wiig. I am in love with the way Amy does her stand-up; she says whatever she wants, never holds back, and it's always comedic gold. Kristen, however, was my absolute favorite "SNL" cast member back in the 2000's. She's ultimately the reason I've always wanted to pursue a career in comedy! WHO DOESN'T LOVE GILLY?

WW: What comedy shows do you think we should be going to? What funny shows should we be watching?

JD: You should definitely stay in tune with the live improv/sketch comedy shows over at UCB. They are to DIE for! The teams that perform there consistently are so brilliant it's unreal. A show that I loved that is still touring is Nick Kroll's "Oh Hello." As for TV, you guys need to be watching "Broad City." I seriously am so obsessed with this show. I just love pure, raw comedy.

WW: Give us your best one-liners on the Met Gala and "Game of Thrones."


Met Gala: Lady Gaga's heels were higher than my self esteem.

"Game of Thrones": Sorry, I can't hang out…I've got a date with GOT…you know him?

WW: What was the very first fan interaction you had?

JD: Back when I lived in Michigan and Vine and YouTube started to take off for me, my first fan interaction seriously startled me so much. Surprisingly, I was waiting in line at a local Starbucks when two girls pop up right behind me begging for a picture. I was with some friends from high school and it was just the weirdest experience for all of us. Like, who would want to take a picture with me?!

WW: What was the turning point/moment when you know you were connecting with people?

JD: The day my coming out video surfaced the internet was the official day I knew I was using my platform for good.  It was really the first time I saw the true connection with me and my viewers from just hearing their stories and how my videos have helped them. It's such a surreal and uplifting feeling. To date, the most surprising story I've received was from a school teacher in Belgium who ran an entire campaign at their elementary school based on my video. All of the kids wrote #IAmHuman on paper - it was so humbling and adorable.

JD: To date, the most surprising story I've received was from a school teacher in Belgium who ran an entire campaign at their elementary school based on my video. All of the kids wrote #IAmHuman on paper - it was so humbling and adorable.

WW: What are you most proud of?

JD: I am most proud of never giving up and never taking '"no" for an answer. My entire life, I've had people doubt my abilities. That, in turn, gives me so much more motivation to go and prove them wrong! I'm all about breaking the norms of reality and going about things differently, for once! The best part of it all is that I'm finally at a point in my life where If there is something I want to accomplish, I attack it full force. I'm surrounded by a great group of people, which always uplifts me.

Stay tuned for more from Jordan, because he is currently writing and planning to begin his first scripted project.