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Kesha, who has been in a well-publicized battle with her record label, Sony, wept in a New York court after a judge ruled that she won't be let out of her contract with the music giant.

The singer's biggest reason for wanting out of her Sony contract centers around her longtime producer Dr. Luke, whom she claims has been mentally, and physically abusive to her over the years, including when she was pumping out her mega hits like "Tik Tok" and "Die Young."

Kesha, who walked into the courthouse as fans held up "Free Kesha" signs, had petitioned to make an album for another record company, but a judge shot her request down on Feb. 19, encouraging her to work with a different producer, but still a Sony producer.

The singer's attorney argued that her career could be sabotaged by staying at Sony if she refused to work with Luke.

Luke was not in the courtroom.

Just a day prior to the judge's decision, Kesha was hopeful on social media that all would work out in her favor.

"I have nothing left to hide. I did this because the truth was eating away my soul and killing me from the inside," she captioned a tranquil Instagram photo of a beach. "This is not just for me. This is for every woman, every human who has ever been abused. Sexually. Emotionally. Mentally."

She continued, "I had to tell the truth. So the outcome will be what it will be. There's nothing left I can do. It's just so scary to have zero control in your fate. But this is my path this life for whatever reason…"

She used a praying hands emojis and the hashtag of "Friday."

Kesha's claims are quite serious. In court documents, she alleged that Luke plied her with drugs to remove her defenses as he made sexual advances toward her. She even said the abuse led her to having an eating disorder.

In the court documents she said that Luke told her, "You are not that pretty, you are not that talented, you are just lucky to have me." She claims he called her "a fat f------ refrigerator."

A TMZ camera crew caught her at LAX before jetting off to her court date, where she said she was "praying" and "hopeful."

In a message to her fans, she said, "They're my everything and I couldn't have gotten though this without them, honestly. They've been like my rock through the past two years of my life. I'm so grateful."

No decision was handed down pertaining to the abuse claims, as that part of the litigation is ongoing.