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Justin Bieber's first tour in three years is getting off to a rocky start.

After performing at KeyArena in Seattle on March 9, the Biebs and his "Purpose" entourage headed to The Whisky Bar in the city's hip Belltown neighborhood to unwind over some drinks.

Instead, they encountered a demanding fan and split -- without paying their $130 tab.

According to TMZ, the group came in and asked the bartender for a round of shots of "midrange blend" Scotch.

The bartender produced eight shots of GlenDronach, a 12-year-old single malt, for $15 apiece.

The crew then reportedly headed outside for a smoke, but never returned to settle up.

It seems while they were on the street, a female fan approached them looking for a photo. One of Justin's dancers nixed her, which didn't sit well with the fan's male friend, who reportedly began "yelling and making a scene."

Justin and his bodyguards, of course, aren't exactly strangers to the fights that can break out when someone is denied a picture of the Biebs.

In February after the Brit Awards, a brawl erupted at the London hotspot Tape after a man allegedly smuggled a camera inside the club and tried to photograph the "Sorry" singer while he was hanging out in a VIP area.

Neither Justin nor his employees were to blame for the fight -- unlike a few violent incidents in years past.

In 2014, a paparazzo sued one of Justin's bodyguards for allegedly assaulting him in Hawaii when he tried grab a snap of Justin jumping off a cliff.

Earlier that year, a bodyguard for Justin was indicted after admitting he took a camera from a photographer in an Atlanta suburb.

These days, Justin and his team have worked hard to prove the 22-year-old is turning over a new leaf when it comes to bad behavior. So perhaps it's no surprise that they opted to get the heck out of dodge and avoid an ugly follow-up headline or lawsuit.

Unfortunately, they spaced on one key thing: paying the bartender before they left the scene.

Sources tell TMZ the group thought a bodyguard was going back in to pay, but apparently that didn't happen in the midst of the confusion.

Later that night, however, someone reportedly returned to the bar and settled the tab. (And hopefully left a big tip.)