Talk about a job perk!

Justin Bieber was recently willing to pay top dollar to stay in a luxurious megamansion in the Hamptons while performing in the area. How much money exactly was Justin willing to throw down?

He was willing to pay "anything," says a Page Six source, who explained that he had his sights set on a 26,500-square-foot mansion called Sandcastle. Unfortunately for Bieber, the elite house, which typically rents for $550,00 for two weeks, was unavailable.

Justin reportedly offered the mansion's owner Joe Farrell "all kinds of money" for the fancy home, according to Page Six's sources, but Joe wasn't able to rent him the pad. But instead of just a simple no, Joe made other arrangements.

In lieu of Sandcastle, the millionaire Hamptons homeowner offered Justin another one of his properties -- for free.

Joe offered Justin and his team a different house in the Hamptons for no charge, despite the fact that it typically rents for $80,000 a week. And then a friendship was born!

As a gesture of gratitude, Justin invited Joe and his 12-year-old daughter to one of his shows in Hartford, Connecticut. And if a personal invitation to a Bieber concert wasn't enough, Justin also stopped by Joe's home in the Hamptons and treated the family to a private concert!

A source shared that Justin was a delightful houseguest, noting, "He worked out in their gym, played piano and stayed for dinner." He even helped clear the table after dinner, according to the insider. Justin also gave Joe's daughter a listen to an unreleased track.

Though rumors started that Joe actually paid Justin a million dollars to stop by his house, sources refute those reports. "Joe got way more than a $1 million experience for Justin to come over," a pal of the millionaire Hamptons resident told Page Six.

But the perks didn't end there for Justin! The singer was treated to a ride in Joe's private jet for his Atlantic City, New Jersey concert. Justin even shared an Instagram of the new pals on board, captioning the pic "Smiles with friends."

Smiles with friends

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Looks like the beginning of a pretty nice friendship!