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Behold, a nightclub story involving Justin Bieber where he wasn't in the wrong!

A story is circulating around the Internet indicating that The Biebs and his crew were involved in fisticuffs at a London nightclub, but it turns out that the story is mostly fiction.

However, the brawl inside Tape nightclub on Feb. 24 was started because of Justin, through no fault of his own.

After the Brit Awards, Justin and his crew headed to the popular nightclub where someone in club started a fight because they apparently wanted a picture of the "Sorry" singer.

TMZ spoke with the manager of the club who said the brawl started after a man smuggled a camera into the late night hotspot and tried to snap photos of Justin in one of the VIP areas.

The club, though, has a strict no photos policy and the man was quickly shown the exit door following the fight.

Following the ruckus, Justin moved to a "members only" VIP section of the back of the club, where he hung out with producers Diplo and Metro Boomin in the club's record studio, playing music the rest of the evening.

Earlier in the evening Justin took home the prize for International Male Solo Artist at the Brits, where Diplo actually presented him with the award.

"This just shows life is a journey. Everybody has their own journey. Everyone has their ups and their downs. I just wanna take this moment to thank all of my fans," he said, admitting that he was shaking while accepting the award. "I'm really appreciative, that's all, and you guys are awesome."

Not too long ago it would have been fairly inconceivable for a nightclub brawl to go down with Justin in the vicinity and him not be involved. He and his team were in multiple skirmishes with paparazzi and gawking fans over the years for trying to snap pics of the young star.

Up until the last year, he was thought of more as a nuisance, but he has worked hard to rehabilitate his image and it's worked wonders. It seems probable that the old Justin would have jumped into the nightclub melee.

Simply put, the 2016 Justin is a better Justin.