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To say Justin Bieber's past week has been bizarre wouldn't be doing it justice.

The "Sorry" singer has many of his fans worried after he was photographed walking around the stress of Boston barefoot. The Biebs was seen in a park and walking on the actual street without any kind of foot protection.

This, of course, was just a few hours after he said he was done taking photos with fans, saying he felt like a "zoo animal." Speaking of animals, he was also spotted feeding squirrels at a public park, this time while wearing shoes.

This, apparently, is the "real" Justin, according to TMZ, who had video on May 11 of Justin sitting in a tree near the famous Boston Commons. In a tree. The video appears to show him either meditating or perhaps stretching.

Is it too late to change his song title from "What Do You Mean" to "What Are You Doing?"

Insiders told the celebrity website that Justin isn't in the midst of a breakdown, but many remain unconvinced -- we'd be remiss if we didn't mention his recent face tattoo, as well.

On May 11 -- just days after his barefoot strolls, tree hanging, squirrel feeding adventures -- video surfaced showing Justin downing shots at a Boston bar following his Purpose concert.

The superstar hit up Storyville nightclub on Wednesday and was the life of the party, not even shuddering when people took photos of him, a far cry from his feelings 48 hours prior.

At the bar, Justin was seen doing tequila shots. TMZ quoted a rep who said The Biebs racked up a $2,400 tab, the majority of it from tequila and vodka.

The club was apparently the second stop of Justin's night. He is reported to have begun his post-concert boozefest at a local dive bar called The Tam. There, he is rumored to have drank Sam Adams (after all, he was in Boston!) and he also ordered shots of Fireball for a table of guys and girls. A source said he was "super nice" to everyone.

Maybe he was just drowning his sorrows away (read: Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom.)