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Justin Bieber was both blessed and willing to battle on Thursday night.

Aside from promoting his pop up store in Manhattan, the freshly-shorn singer was in New York this week for his highly successful Purpose tour.

Although Justin is a solo artist and performed without guest stars for his New York show, he says he's never actually alone on stage.

"I am so lucky to share these moments with you, I am so glad God is able to move even when people are blind to it," he captioned an Instagram image of himself on stage as pyrotechnics fall to the ground. "I am the one on that stage but I am nothing without a light shining through. I'm such an average, ordinary person that doesn't deserve the praise. I believe it belongs to my God! Thank you God for showing up when we need you the most!"

The spiritual photo came around the same time that he got a little combative with 19-year-old rapper Desiigner.

Video posted to TMZ shows the "Love Yourself" singer pushing the teen.

The website says Desiigner was performing in New York's 1 OAK nightclub when his performance went a little off-script and he spilled into the VIP area, where The Biebs was watching from.

Desiigner got "a little too hyped," TMZ said, adding that he started jumping around and "stomped" multiple times on Justin's feet. Not looking to play footsie, Justin forcefully pushed the rapper away.

Video shows Desiigner, who was recently signed to Kanye West's label, immediately turning around saying "My bad."

In the end, it was much ado about nothing.

Reports are circulating online that the rapper was kicked out of the club, but those are false. Granted, Desiigner was escorted out of the club immediately after his performance, but that's only because he is under 21 years old. New York law (which is common in other states) allows underage people in the club if they are considered entertainment, but they must leave immediately after they are finished.

So, in other words, he didn't get Desiigner kicked out. So Justin has nothing to be "Sorry" about.