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An indie artist is suing Justin Bieber, claiming he ripped off key characteristics of her song, and she wants way more than an apology.

Casey Dienel, aka White Hinterland, says The Biebs stole a vocal loop for his monster hit "Sorry" from a song that she did two years ago called "Ring The Bell."

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Casey said the "unique characteristics of the female vocal riff" of her song are identical to "Sorry." She also names Skrillex, who produced the song, and the song's writers as defendants.

The characteristics of the riff do sound similar.

In "Sorry," Justin only used 8 seconds of the similar sound (he opens the song with it,) but Casey said he repeats it 6 times, making it essential to his song. She also claims that her song and his song feature keyboard synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums, and percussion.

Casey, who sees this as straight up theft, said she warned Justin to stop using the sample last December, but he didn't heed her warning. Now she wants money, certainly, and she wants him to stop playing the song.

In the paperwork, she alleges that the similar sounds can't simply be a coincidence, as she humbly brags that her song was a hit and a lot of people heard it, getting over 800,000 streams. And, Rolling Stone once highlighted the song.

For Justin, he probably just wants May to end. Other than taking home a few Billboard Awards, the month just hasn't been kind to the singer.

In early May, many wondered (and are still wondering) if he was having a meltdown. In addition to being photographed walking around the stress of Boston barefoot, The Biebs was also seen in a park and walking on the actual street without any kind of foot protection.

The photos were taken just a few hours after he said he was done taking photos with fans, saying he felt like a "zoo animal." Speaking of animals, he was also spotted feeding squirrels at a public park, this time while wearing shoes. A day later, he was seen hanging out in a tree and he later dropped $2,400 at a Boston bar on tequila and vodka.

Around that same time, his off-and-on girlfriend Selena Gomez was photographed flirting with his nemesis Orlando Bloom.

It's not easy being Biebs.