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Kanye West and Jay Z are two of the biggest names in the rap game right now ... but have you ever wondered what they demand while on tour?

Certain things the rappers like while on the road have been leaked on TMZ and we have to say it's pretty fascinating!

For their respective suites, both Jay Z and Kanye West have strict demands. For example, Jay insists that the room be 71 degrees Fahrenheit at all times and that the entire room be baby-proof so that his daughter Blue Ivy can safely enjoy being there with her dad. Weirdly, also Jay Z will not tolerate people vacuuming near his suite before he goes onstage and prefers no one asks for concert tickets unless they want to be publicly embarrassed.

Kanye, on the other hand, has more ambiance-specific needs. Like, he only wants cylindrical vases, black towels, and a Genelecs 1031a speaker -- which reportedly was discontinued over ten years ago. As for snacks, Kanye's a Kashi Go Lean cereal kind of guy.

In terms of booze, Kanye makes a special request for 13 bottles -- costing roughly $3K -- including Hennessey. Jay Z only asks for Ace of Spades champagne -- which he partly owns -- and organic whole milk for his daughter.

Tour life ... it ain't easy but somebody has to do it!