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A cosmetic company is trying to capitalize on the Kardashian name and they are not happy about it.

Don't worry, lawyers are involved.

A makeup line called "Kardashian Beauty" was recently launched, but it has nothing to do with the famous family, despite the fact that it uses images of the sisters on it's website. At one point, there was a partnership between the women and the makeup line, but that was years ago.

Now, the girls want to make one thing clear: They are not a part of this company.

"Over the weekend, new cosmetic products were announced on the Kardashian Beauty cosmetic social media pages with pictures and statements from Kourtney, Kim and Khloe," a rep for the sisters told TMZ. "The three Kardashian sisters are not in business with this cosmetic company."

In 2012, that was not exactly the case. Back then, the reality TV stars teamed up with Boldface cosmetics to license and distribute color cosmetics, TMZ said. The partnership didn't last long with the siblings believing that Boldface was mismanaged. The company eventually shut down.

However, a company called Haven Beauty stepped in 2014 and hoped to partner with the girls. It didn't get their blessing, but that didn't matter. Haven launched "Kardashian Beauty" anyway.

The Kardashian rep said, "The people selling the Kardashian Beauty brand and their predatory owners knew [the sisters were not a part of the company] and are attempting to mislead the Kardashians' fans by stating that the Kardashians are still involved. This outrageous conduct is a legal matter and will be dealt with accordingly."

In March, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney were sued by Haven's parent company, Hillair Capital Management, for not helping the brand after it claimed that it put up $10 million for the brand. The girls, Hillair said, were supposed to promote the line to their social media followers but didn't.

Hillair sued the sisters for nearly $200 million, claiming that the cosmetic line would have made that much.