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Days after the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, former Angel Karolina Kurkova spilled some secrets about what goes on backstage at the skin-baring runway show.

The supermodel, who gave birth to a baby boy this week, told PeopleStyle, "I think it's funny that all of us are were there in our little underwear and outfits and we're being layered up: a layer of lotion, a layer of bronzer. Every bit of your body is covered — it's kind of hysterical." The gorgeous mom added, "If a normal person looks in they would think it's crazy. Every angle, every crease is oiled and bronzed, and it's not something you do every day so it's kind of funny."

The leggy lady added, "Even in between every finger is glowing and sparkly, because those cameras are everywhere and you want your skin to look great." She said, "I think that's always very funny to see all of these beautiful women and their beautiful body parts being greased up."

While looking amazing and being adored by millions certainly has its perks, it apparently has one major downside — clean up. "It takes about a whole week to rinse off and get rid of all the sparkle and glow in all of these different places after the shows over," she shared.

The on-the-go mom also said her beauty routine is simple and easy. "I'm not someone who has all that time, it's not like I can spend two hours getting ready — and I don't want to," she says. "I have so many other things to do — I want to spend time with my family, with my son, make him dinner — so I can't spend two hours putting on my mascara or foundation."