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Katie Holmes has had her share of ups and downs, but she doesn't look in the rear view mirror and question her decisions. Any of them.

"I don't regret anything that I've done," she told Ocean Drive for its December 2015 schedule. "I've learned from everything, and everything sort of leads you to the next place. I just keep going."

Katie, of course, was famously married to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012 and their romance was chronicled intensely. They share a 9-year-old daughter together, Suri. The marriage, though, fell apart and the duo had a high-profile split.

These days Katie says her life is entirely different and seemingly less chaotic.

"I have a very normal life, and I happen to work in an industry that is abnormal," she said. "Daily life, I take a train and cab; it's just about getting from here to there, and I don't care how I do it. I have to get there."

Really, she just lives her live day to day and sometimes has the same problems as other everyone else.

"If you're having a bad day, you just take a walk, and it's not only that you see people who are having a worse day than you, it's just that you're in life," the New Yorker said. "You suddenly can't be stuck in whatever problem you're in because you have to hail a cab or you have to get a subway ticket. There's more than just you. And I think the harsh winters give you a little bit of character."

Her biggest focus, like most parents, is raising her daughter. "Being a parent also is a source of inspiration to just work really hard," she said. "You want to set an example -- and, you know, [your children] are what drives you."

To be clear, work is also driving Katie, as well, she will have her directorial debut in the upcoming film adaptation of Annie Weatherwax's best seller, "All We Had."

"As I've grown up, I think that the harder you work the more successful you are," she mused. "From what I have seen, the people at the top, they're just constantly working and constantly surrounding themselves with other successful, like-minded creative people."