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A hugely popular social media star and former Playboy model is in critical condition after suffering a ""catastrophic" stroke this week.

According to TMZ, Katie May, who has also modeled for Sports Illustrated, GQ and Esquire, had recently complained of neck pain and sought treatment. Katie's family told the celebrity website that the stroke was caused by a blockage in her carotid artery.

Rumors are running rampant all over the Internet that Katie has passed away, with many people reflecting on her life.

Katie has a 7-year-old daughter named Mia and a GoFundMe page has been set up to support the girl.

"Katie's family plans on using any money raised to help pay for education, Mia's daily life and to help her dad with the costs of parenting," the page said, which includes a photo of mother and daughter.

While some reports claim that the woman known as the "Queen of Snapchat" is in her mid 30s, others have put her in her late 20s.

The model has an enormous following on social media, with nearly 2 million Instagram followers. At one point last year she was gaining 100,000 every two weeks, she previously said. Last September she attended the MTV Video Music Awards where she was the SnapChat correspondent.

Just last month she talked to the Huffington Post about being social media royalty.

"I never thought that my brand would ever become something like this, or that I would be dubbed the 'Queen of Snapchat,'" she said on Jan. 25. "I was just happy to be taken seriously and there were so many critics from people that knew me from my previous life as a business woman. I have found a way to be both the talent and the business side and I feel really lucky."

On Nov. 3, she told The Guy Society that a lot of thinking goes into her social media posts.

"My snaps are sexy and I'll push the envelope from time to time because I'm just kind of an exhibitionist at heart but it's always done tastefully. There's no full nudity," she said. "My Tumblr has nudity but I keep my Snapchat PG-13 for the most part if the occasional see-through bra is considered PG-13."