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Katt Williams is being accused of two sensational stories on different coasts that could see him behind bars.

The first claim comes from five women who allege the comedian held them up at gunpoint earlier this week.

The second allegation stems from a March 1 incident in which Katt is said to have punched someone for making fun of his height.

Katt tells told TMZ that he saw a car accident outside his hotel on March 1 and went down to the scene to help the victims. While doing that, he says onlookers, who he described as "rappers," started making fun of his diminutive frame. He told them to "shut up" and then one of them apparently struck him. Katt struck back, saying he did so in self defense.

He is being investigated for misdemeanor battery.

Both new claims come just a few days after Katt was arrested in Georgia for allegedly punching an employee at a pool supply company.

That pool assault and the Los Angeles assault, however, could be small potatoes compared to what five women claimed this week.

According to TMZ, the women say they ran into Katt and his 15-person entourage in Atlanta around 2:30 AM on Feb. 28 and they asked for a photo.

That's when things went south in a hurry.

The woman allege that when Katt saw one of them recording he "lost it" and punched one of them. That's when an all-out brawl began.

That's also when Katt allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at them, the celebrity website says.

One of the women immediately called 911 after somehow getting a cell phone from the car they were driving in.

Cops did indeed arrive, but Katt told officers that the women were harassing him and one of them tried to steal a chain off of his neck. That's when he told officers he punched the women, but he says it was in self-defense.

Katt also admitted that he took out a gun, but he told police that he did that only because one of the women mentioned a gun and he felt he needed it for protection in case one of them had a firearm.

Police made no arrests in the matter but are continuing to investigate. The women all have retained lawyers.

No one was injured in the skirmish.

The fracas occurred just a day before Katt was arrested for assault for punching a clerk at a pool store near Atlanta. In a video recorded upon his release, Katt said the employee hurled racial slurs at him and accused him of being a criminal.

"Katt Williams did what Katt Wiliams had to do as a black man that is self employed," he told the video crew. "Then Katt Williams went out to the middle of the street and assumed the position so that the hard-working police officers that ran up on him with nine police cars and guns drawn understood that they weren't dealing with a criminal."

Katt has vowed to never return to Georgia.