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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom took their steamy romance to snowy Aspen over the weekend.

The new celebrity couple wasn't afraid to pack on the PDA while strolling through the wintry resort town in Colorado, E! reports. They "strolled arm-in-arm" as they went in and out of shops.

Although Katy, 31, and Orlando, 39, have yet to comment on their status, a source tells E! that they are "an official couple."

On Saturday, April 9 Katy and Orlando (who will need an official couple nickname very soon if they keep this up) attended the wedding of celebrity stylist Jamie Schneider. Apparently, the nuptials were the hot ticket for the weekend because the attendance list looked more like an Oscar's after party than a wedding. According to E!, other guests included: Cameron Diaz, 43, Nicole Richie, 34, Dianna Agron, 29, Ashley Benson, 26, Rachel Zoe, 44,Melanie Griffiths, 58, Erin Foster, 33, Jessica Alba, 24, and Kate Hudson, 36.

It must be nice when two people can get to know each other as they travel the world, opposed to hanging out with each new Tinder date at the same greasy spoon—not that we have that problem.

"Katy and Orlando enjoy traveling together, so whenever they have an opportunity they try to make it work," a source tells E! News exclusively. "All of Katy's friends and family like Orlando, so bringing him away with her is always a great time."

As more evidence of this being a true love connection, another source says, Katy and Orlando "were very lovey dovey the whole weekend. They looked very happy. Katy hooked her arm around his at one point as they were walking and she snuggled in close to him."

Fans reportedly tried not to bother the pair too much, letting them enjoy their private time. "They looked like regular tourists, just strolling and enjoying themselves," said the eyewitness.

Eagle eyes first noticed Katy and Orlando (Kalan?) checking each other out at a Golden Globes after party back in January. Since then, they have been spotted making the rounds in Los Angeles and other cities. They've vacationed in Hawaii, England and New York, not to mention their dates in and around Los Angeles.

Nothing warms our cold hearts more than new love in Hollywood. It's proof that these things don't just happen in the movies, kids.