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Kelly Ripa's future is very, very much in the unknown.

Despite her on-air assurances that "Live" will still be a priority, a new report said that Kelly could pull herself off the show if she doesn't get her way.

Her way is Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen.

"Unless one of them can come on, she doesn't really want to do [Live!]," a source told Us Weekly.

Furthermore, Us said that Kelly "is talking about leaving," despite speculation last week that Kelly can't afford to leave Live! based on her sending habits.

Kelly's future became suddenly murky after it was announced that her co-host Michael Strahan would leave the show and join "Good Morning America." Kelly reportedly felt "blindsided" by the move, especially given that she found out only moments before the news for formally announced.

"She considers it a sign of disrespect," Us' source said.

Apparently her dislike of Michael was well known prior to his "GMA" departure.

When Kelly returned to the show on April 26, she and Michael, who will leave on May 13, put up a united front, holding hands as they walked out.

"I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts," she said of her week off, while speaking about Michael's new gig. "After 26 years with this company I earned the right."

"In that time I gained some perspective," she added. "I always speak from the heart so I didn't want to come out here and say something I regret."

Kelly indicated that "apologies have been made."

"So what transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary. In a sense that it started a greater conversation about communication, consideration and most importantly, respect in workplace," she said. "And since we're being honest, I don't consider this just a workplace, this is my second home. This is a place that I devoted myself to, not just because of you our loyal viewers, but because of all of the producers and the crew who work on this show. We have an incredible team, and we are devoted to one another. We are family."

Multiple reports claim that "Live!" producers are honing in on Jerry O'Connell as a replacement despite Kelly's wishes.