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So. Much. Drama.

It's been nearly two weeks since ABC and Michael Strahan "blindsided" his "Live! With Kelly & Michael" co-host Kelly Ripa with the news that he would be leaving the morning talk show for a lucrative new gig on "Good Morning America."

Kelly returned to the show on April 26 and the pair put on a united front. But behind the scenes, things remain uncomfortable.

Although initial reports claimed the pair "couldn't stand each other" even before the surprise announcement, jaw-dropping and troubling new info about the stars' alleged feud and bad blood continues to emerge.

Here are the latest claims and revelations about the ongoing Kelly and Michael drama, as reported by the New York Post's Page Six:

-A show insider told Page Six that Michael only used "Live" as a stepping stone and "quickly became a diva" after joining to show in 2012. The insider added that the former NFL player showed up late to tapings, regularly brought his entourage to set and made the crew "stop everything" twice weekly during pre-tapings so he could get a haircut.

-A source described as a "media honcho" alleged that Michael's charismatic on-air personality is a front. "When he doesn't need to be on," said the honcho, "he shuts down and can be selfish."

-The show insider added that Michael often butted heads with "Live" executive producer Michael Gelman and that a few years ago, one dispute between the two grew so heated that another producer hid under a staircase because they were "terrified and disturbed." (Gelman countered that Kelly and Michael are both hardworking professionals who always come to work ready to do their jobs and that "any suggestion to the contrary is ridiculous gossip.")

-An industry insider told Page Six that Kelly was able to parlay her hurt and anger over the way ABC handled teling her the news into a raise. Don't forget that she already makes a reported $20 million a year to host the daytime talk show and her contract runs through 2017! "Once the executives at ABC realized the huge mistake they made, they had to correct it -- and the only way to correct it was with a big payday," the insider said.

-Kelly's not blameless: She allegedly "started to freeze [Michael] out" after he started moving up on his own and she realized members of the press often wanted to talk to him more than her at red carpet events, said the media honcho.

-Not long after Michael joined Kelly at "Live," "GMA" offered him a recurring twice-a-week job. But he wasn't the only one: Page Six cited sources who claim Kelly was offered a similar position at "GMA" around the same time, but said she turned it down "so as not to detract from her namesake program."