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Cat(walk) fight! Like it or not, Kendall Jenner says she's a supermodel and so is her pal Gigi Hadid, which probably sounds like blasphemy to a former supermodel who previously bashed the "it" girls.

"I've seen the debate over Gigi and I not being 'real supermodels and I definitely have an opinion," Kendall said on her subscription-based app and website. "If you're going to tell us not to be in 'your moment,' then don't be in mine! But, if you choose to be a cyberbully, I'm going to stick up for myself."

Kendall's comments come after 80s and 90s supermodel Stephanie Seymour blasted her and Gigi in Vanity Fair, saying they were "b------ of the moment," adding, "That would be a good title for them."

"They are completely different than we were," Stephanie said. "Supermodels are sort of the thing of the past. They deserve their own title. [Kendall and Gigi] are beautiful girls, and I support all of them, but they need their own title."

Kendall clearly sees it another way.

"No one is trying to steal Stephanie Seymour's thing, or trying to be her. I actually looked up to her. She has a daughter!," the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star said. "I guarantee you that she didn't imagine someone so publicly shaming her daughter when she made those comments about us being 'b------ of the moment.'"

Rebecca Romijn also threw similar shade at the young models, too.

"I know a lot of people — legitimate fashion people — can't stand it," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Hate it that these, you know, social media stars are now the supermodels in fashion. They are not true supermodels."

Not all former catwalk stars have come out against the girls. Cindy Crawford, who has a young budding supermodel in her household, has said she supports all them.

Kendall said, "If people want to call Gigi and I supermodels now, it doesn't take anything away from supermodels of the past. Obviously, I have so much respect for those women, but right now, we're the models of this time. Significant? Maybe. Hardworking? For sure."

She also plans to pay it back.

"There are other supermodels who give me tips and build up my confidence, sending me notes after a spread comes out, saying, 'You're killing it,'" she said. "That's the classy way to behave and I fully intend on being a positive influence on anyone younger than me, my entire life."