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The writing may be on the wall for Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett's marriage.

The "Kendra On Top" star hit up not one, not two, but three Halloween parties over the holiday weekend and her husband did not attend any of them with her. And, you know what they say, when the cat's away, the mice will play!

"She was on the prowl," a source told Us Weekly.

Marital strife is nothing new for this couple. They've admitted that they've been struggling to stay together, even participating in the therapy-based "Marriage Boot Camp" reality show. Their union nearly crumbled last year after Hank was accused of cheating on a then-pregnant Kendra with a transgender model. Hank admitted to going to the model's home and getting fondled through his basketball shorts, but he denied any wrongdoing.

The magazine's source said Kendra, who flushed her wedding ring down the toilet after the allegations, will likely never get over those allegations.

Apparently things aren't getting better between the parents of Hank IV, 5, and Alijah, 17 months.

"She's deeply unhappy," the source said of Kendra's state of mind. Hank, though, "wants to stay together for the kids."

Fans of the former Playboy model's reality show have witnessed Kendra beginning to check out of the marriage. In a September episode, she told girlfriends that she feels validated getting attention from other men. Not only that, but she likes it.

"I have some guys I've been texting lately that I think are not just in the friend category -- even just a 'Hey' from a guy from my past turns me the f--- on," she said. "I'm trying my hardest to distance myself from that feeling. I'm like, 'I'm married again,' but when a guy hits me up it's hard to shut that feeling off."

Just two weeks ago, an episode aired in which she told her dad, "I really do feel like this is the end with [Hank.]"

Finally, and this may hit Hank the hardest, Kendra even recently attacked his libido.

"It just feels that Hank takes me for granted sometimes," she told her therapist on the reality show. "Not in life, but in the sex department. ... I'm looking for him to sometimes step up because I'm waiting for him to be the aggressor."

This could be what rock bottom looks like.